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About Us

Well, where to start?

I'm Theresa, owner of Stitchaholics Crafts. At an early age my love of stitching came from my Mum (rest her soul), who was never happier than when she had a needle and thread (or knitting needles!) in her hands. She taught me the pride of creating something from nothing - just a handful of threads and blank fabric - which with a bit of care and dedication becomes a thing of pure beauty.

And I'll never forget those early days and my growing love of stitching all through my adult life. Then about 15 years ago when my web shop was opened, I could share my enthusiasm for stitching creativity with you all.

I promise to give you what you really want - a personal, caring service. This is my family business where everything is picked and packed by my family members with care and attention, and I sign every order myself.

I love to hear about your personal projects, please send me some photos and let me know how you are getting on. And don't forget, you can phone or email me at any time.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find what you need, and if you can't find it just let me know.

And from one stitcher to another - Happy Stitching!


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